Acheson & Glover Limited

Cleggan Quarry

County: Fermanagh.
Mineral: Karstified Dolomitised Carboniferous Limestone (Dartry Limestone Formation) above the Bundoran Shale.
Project: EIA.
Planned Workings: Deepening and lateral extension of existing quarry.
Mitigation: Groundwater and spring flow monitoring.
Approximate Consented Reserve: c.1 million tonnes.
Project Areas: EIA, HMS.

Acheson and Glover Limited submitted two associated Planning Applications detailing a programme for the future development of Cleggan Quarry, seeking both a time extension for currently approved operations and consent for an area of currently unauthorised mineral extraction.

Following receipt of consultation responses from the Water Management Unit of the Northern Ireland Environment Agency, BCL were commissioned to undertake an assessment of the potential impact of the proposed development upon the water environment. Study and reporting, which included the installation of a network of groundwater monitoring piezometers, were concluded within 7-weeks of BCL’s commission.

Assessment concluded that the proposed development could proceed in-line with current planning guidance and without unforeseen detriment to the water environment, subject to adherence to agreement upon a programme of groundwater and surface water monitoring outlined by BCL.

Evishinoran Quarry

County: Tyrone.
Mineral: Glaciofluvial Sand and Gravel overlying Pre-Cambrian Gneissose quartz feldspar Psammites and sillimanite Gneisses.
Project: PAD.
Planned Workings: Deepening of existing quarry to exhaustion of permitted sands and gravels and subsequent development of hardrock quarry beneath.
Mitigation: Groundwater and spring flow monitoring.
Approximate Consented Reserve: c.3 million tonnes.
Project Areas: PAD, HMS.