Andrew Josephs Limited

Hill House Scheduled Ancient Monument

County: Bedfordshire.
Mineral: Sand and Gravel (Lowestoft Formation).
Project: Hydrological and Hydrogeological Study followed by Management Plan for provision of water supply to moats at the Ancient Monument.
Planned Workings: Restored excavations.
Mitigation: Proposals to allow long-term gravity fed supply to moats.
Approximate Consented Reserve: N/A.
Project Areas: Archaeology-led project part-funded by the Aggregate Levy Sustainability Fund (ALSF).

Hill House is a Scheduled Monument, incorporating a historic system of ditches, which lies adjacent to now restored areas of Broom Quarry. The Monument includes two moats through which a sustainable through-flow of water was required.

In association with specialists from other disciplines working on investigation and restoration of the Monument, BCL undertook an investigation into the hydrological and hydrogeological regime at the site. This involved examination of an extensive dataset from the adjacent Quarry and various additional field-works. Following this, detailled water balance calculations and analysis of various water supply options were undertaken. On this basis proposals were made for provision of a sustainable water supply.