Barr Construction Limited

Tincorn Hill Quarry

County: Ayrshire.
Mineral: Granodiorite / Diorite within Old Red Sandstone.
Project: Assessment of Blood Moss in fulfillment of Planning Condition.
Planned Workings: Extension of existing quarry workings.
Mitigation: Potential need for low permeability bund.
Approximate Consented Reserve: 6mt.
Project Areas: EIA.

An extension area at Tincornhill Quarry is located immediately adjacent to an area of bog referred to as Bog Moss. BCL were commissioned to undertake an assessment of the extent to which the development would impact upon the water environment of Blood Moss.

The assessment involved review of previous work and published data, investigation of the peat/soils with probe and auger holes and installation of hand driven piezometers in uncompromising conditions.

It was shown that there was likely to be no significant impact on Blood Moss, with a recommendation for mitigation proposed in the event that it was required. This assessment was achieved avoiding the cost and access problems of installation of a borehole using a conventional drill rig. The Planning Condition has been successfully discharged.

EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment.