Conexpo (NI) Limited


County: County Down.
Mineral: Greywacke (Silurian Gala Group – G7).
Project: Planning application for a new high PSV hardrock quarry.
Planned Workings: Pumped dewatering to full depth of mineral during workings (75m below pre-dewatering groundwater level). Wildlife lake (in continuity with groundwater) restoration.
Mitigation: On-going on-site and off-site groundwater level monitoring. Storm ingress attenuation and settlement facilities.
Approximate Consented Reserve: circa 9mt.
Project Areas: EIA.

BCL undertook a hydrogeological and hydrological impact assessment of the proposed extraction and restoration of a new high PSV hardrock quarry proposed by Conexpo (NI) Ltd within lands near Lisburn, County Down. Working of the site would yield some 8.3 million tonnes of saleable mineral from within an overall footprint of some 18.9 hectares over some 20-years of operation.