Fitzpatrick Quarries

Leode Quarry

County: Down.
Mineral: Greywacke sandstone.
Project: Planning Application for extension of existing workings and restoration of the site.
Planned Workings: Extension and deepening of excavations with pumped discharge of runoff and limited groundwater ingress from the base of the workings.
Mitigation: Creation of settlement lagoon/sump allowing attenuation and settlement of storm water prior to discharge.
Approximate Consented Reserve: –
Project Areas: EIA, DCA.

BCL were commissioned to undertake a hydrological and hydrogeological assessment to supplement a Planning Application for the site. This found that the properties of the geological unit at the site were such that the effect of dewatering would be extremely limited and hence focused attention on the water management system for the site, catering in particular for run-off from the relatively large surface area of the quarry.

Successful applications for discharge consents from the site have subsequently been made, to allow discharge of runoff water of an appropriate quality.