Hydrometric Monitoring & Testing

BCL provide a wide range of groundwater and surface water monitoring and testing services, producing data for both planning and regulatory compliance purposes.

A total service is offered, from the design and commissioning of Water Environment Protection Schemes (WEPS), to the day-to-day management of hydrometric databases, including data collection, collation, reporting and submission to environmental regulators and planning authorities. Field-testing is undertaken to provide data for a wide range of uses, from baseline information for Environmental Impact Assessment to waterwell yield testing. Capabilities include, stream flow gauging, deep well sampling pump and slug testing of monitoring boreholes & waterwells, in-situ water quality testing and installation of automated logging equipment.

BCL currently undertake monitoring at numerous sites located across the UK and Ireland for a wide range of clients. Outsourcing water monitoring not only frees up the time of quarry staff to concentrate on core activities, but perhaps more importantly, it also ensures regular and accurate collection and clear presentation of data, to the standards expected by the Environment Agency.

The importance of regular and accurate monitoring to the acquisition and maintenance of abstraction and discharge authorisation has increased significantly with the introduction of the provisions of the 2003 Water Act which has removed the exemption historically conferred to dewatering abstractions and subsequent use of water gained via dewatering .