Midland Quarry Products Limited

Whitwick Quarry

County: Leicestershire.
Mineral: Dacite (Pre-Cambrian Volcanics).
Project: ROMPP review to secure existing planning permission.
Planned Workings: Full depth dewatering of mineral during operations.
Mitigation: None required.
Approximate Consented Reserve: circa 9mt.
Project Areas: EIA, FRA.

During 2010, BCL conducted both hydrogeological &hydrological Environmental Impact Assessments and Flood Risk Assessments in connection with a ROMP review in respect of Whitwick Quarry, Leicestershire.

Investigations quickly established that there was a paucity of site-specific data. This was overcome by extensive literature search, combined with the drilling of a single piezometer within the existing quarry void.

The data-search combined with review of quarry development plans established that future quarrying would occur entirely below the watertable within the volcanic rocks of the quarry and that progressively increasing dewatering effort would be required to facilitate further workings. Calculation provided estimates of the likely distance-drawdown of groundwater. These estimates, in combination with survey data, strongly indicated that the anticipated drawdown would have no discernable effect upon groundwater supported features in the vicinity of the quarry.

Assuming adherence to recommendations regarding attenuation storage, FRA calculations strongly indicated that there will be no deleterious impact upon the receiving watercourse for quarry discharge , either in terms of flood risk or quality of discharged waters. The risk of hydrocarbon spillages was minimised by enforcing working procedures that conform to the Preferred Fluids Handing Protocol described by BCL.

The application was deemed authorised without need for post-application discussion or requests for further information from the EA.

EIA: Environmental Impact Assessment.
FRA: Flood Risk Assessment.