Site Investigations and Drilling

Drilling is an essential part of both the aggregates and construction industries, and the science of hydrogeology itself. By its very nature, drilling can however be unpredictable, complex to interpret and challenging to coordinate and manage, the value of the data gained being highly dependent upon proper design and planning.

Applying our experience and long term working relationships with drilling contractors and associated companies, we can assist with Site investigation design, drilling project management, rig supervision, buried services clearance, drill logging, core logging and data interpretation / application. BCL can thus take the stress and hassle of drilling projects off your hands, delivering full projects from inception to completion.

Not all Site investigations require major drilling operations. BCL are adept in application of less intrusive methods and can assist on a range of project including hand coring, peat coring, hand driven piezometer installation, lake sediment sampling and trial pitting etc.

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